Why do we have to learn music theory?

Even music theory is a toolbox. Very useful tools to learn songs, whatever the instrument. More information about music : reprtoir.com .Then surely, they are not the most glamorous. But even if solfeggio is not mandatory, it remains a privileged tool. And its learning is much more powerful, to learn an instrument effectively. Reading is the cornerstone of learning. Study the scores, know the different rhythms. All this is the basis for progress. Play tunes, play with all styles, and write too.

Learn the piano quickly

After holding the notes on the computer keyboard, you may begin to wonder how to coordinate a game with both palms. Many people have exactly the same problem, but unfortunately there is no miracle cure: you have to practice patiently. At first clinically each hand individually, then try to coordinate both hands, then again and again individually. Like any skill, it is acquired over time. Don’t try to play difficult songs right away. Start gradually, one hand at a time, with simple melodies and make sure you master a concept before moving on to another. You will find a lot of information on the internet about learning an instrument but also about CMS for the music industry .

Steps to learn the guitar

The guitar is certainly one of the musical instruments that fascinates and attracts music lovers the most, but it seems simple to learn to play it: with 5 to 6 known chords, you can already write your song or play with famous tunes. Before learning To play the guitar, it is crucial to be in a fantastic state of mind: not only the willingness to play above all to be ready to learn because the tradition of this guitar, like all musical instruments, requires hours of low learning, its moments of pleasure because its problems.

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